A new fantasy book, an adventure novel is waiting for you: "Adventures of Borwar - Descendant of the Atlantean Clan - Volume I"

Adventures of Borwar


Four years of fighting for the realization of the dream brought a great effect.

On March 26, 2023, the book "The Adventures of Borwar - A descendant of the clan Atlantis - Volume I", published by Lukas Frankenstein Publishing House, in a hardcover, numbering three hundred and four pages, was released for sale on the platform of one of the world's largest giants, i.e. Amazon. In other words, it is available on every continent to all those who know English, and this is a group of people estimated at 1.5 - 1.8 billion people.

About a book: 

Half vampire, half human, specially trained to fight evil, representing the Fallen Angels Borwar clan protects Thomas, a descendant of the Atlantis clan, from werewolves and other dark envoys who want to drag him to their side. The trapper’s task – because this is the nickname of our hero – is to reach the clan convention in Sweden with his guardian.

During this time, the young student learns the secret history of the fight between good and evil, his family, as well as representatives of other clans on Earth and other planets, incl. dwarves, dragons, yeti, elves, mermaids, vampires, angels that travel through magical portals, gradually building a larger and larger team. Brave warriors take on an unequal fight against lurking dangers, riddles and even betrayal. Fortunately, a ray of hope is slowly blooming in the form of love that can lead to victory.

Autor: Łukasz Przelaskowski

Genre: adventure, fantasy novel

Pages: 304

Release date: 26.03.2023

Publisher: Lukas Frankenstein Publishing House, www.LukasFrankenstein.com 

ISBN: 9789090368849

More information can be read and seen in the form of promotional videos on the Lukas Frankenstein publishing house at these links:

1. Link 1 - in Polish

2. Link 2 - in English

You can also order the book through the publisher's shop, which redirects to Amazon in Germany: Link . In the description there are links to purchase the book in the network of other Amazon networks from other countries, including Poland.

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Ps. Work on the second volume of the Adventures of Borwar series is underway, as well as on a new thriller titled "Chameleon and Praying Mantis".

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